Tuesday, 8 October 2019


The Krump Dance studios was founded by Jemima Angulu in 2011 as an organisation with initiatives focused on Dance as tool for change and wellbeing .

The vision of Krump Studios is to equip and produce refined dancers with world-class equivalence and bring the culture of dance and dance fitness to individuals, homes and organizations in Nigeria and the world with uniqueness and virtue.

Krump also provides a Space for Dancers and creatives alike,  Performances,  Creative Collaborations, Dance training sessions, Group dance Fitness sessions  and creative projects and solutions. 

For Over 9 years The Krump dance studios has been a home and foundation for many dancers, choreographers , creatives and fitness lovers from various parts of the Nigeria and the world.

Initiatives and projects by Krump Studios include : 

The Fit 2 Dance Fit 2 live :  3 Hours Danceathon  with Krump Fitness 

The Krump Kids Club & Camps :  Training and creative movement for kids in Schools & yearly summer camps hosted by Krump Studios

The Refining Dancers Workshops : Professional Collaborative workshops for dancers 

For the Love of Hip-Hop Convention :  Entreprenuership & Training Network for Hip-hop & Nigerian Dancers 

Creative connect :  A  discussion & training platform & gathering of Creatives using the tool of improvisation 

Krump Nation :  Contemporary Dance incubation Team & Project 
Speaking feet productions : Musical & Dance Theater productions Such as  Grease the Naija Mix 2013 , Expressions of the soul 2016, Abuja The musical  2017 & 2019 & Krump Showcases 
At Krump, We believe dance is a tool that can change and transform lives and we live each day doing just that! Whether it's dance training , dance fitness or creative dance performances, theatre and Creative connections  , you have certainly come to the right place. 

Some of The Classes  Krump studios provide include Nigerian Contemporary dances, Contemporary dance, Hip-hop, Basic Ballet, Contemporary Jazz , Culture classes, Mentorship classes and Exchange programs e.t.c 

Get social with Krump Studios 

Twitter: Krump_Studios
Instagram : Krump_Studios
Email: Info@thekrumpdancestudios.org
Phone:08185651796,  08064388746

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